Crosswise links end-user devices to individuals using them (Photo: Crosswise)

Oracle agreed to acquire Crosswise, a provider of machine-learning based cross-device data in the cloud, for a reported 50 million dlrs.

The US computer technology group said the move will give it access to a team of highly trained data scientists and advanced technology that it will bring into its own Oracle Data Cloud division.

Crosswise, which is based in Israel, uses machine-learning technology that lets it process very large amounts of data to provide customers with a so-called device map for analytical purposes. This scaleable device map matches multiple devices to individual users.

The Crosswise map links devices such as PCs, phones, tablets and television sets to individuals, which can help companies to more directly target consumers with their sales and marketing activities.

Oracle Data Cloud focuses on data-as-a-service offerings. It aggregates more than 3 billion profiles from more than 15 million websites in its data marketplace, thereby providing a cross-device view of consumers' digital interaction.

"The Crosswise team brings significant knowledge and a rich pedigree of data science to Oracle," Omar Tawakol, who heads Oracle Data Cloud, said in a letter to customers and partners. The acquisition, he added, "will further extend the value Oracle Data Cloud brings to the market and to its customers."