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Panasonic Automotive’s Neumuenster operations are 1 of 4 German locations to get the new software

Panasonic Automotive Systems is streamlining invoice processing at its four German locations, the division of Japanese electronics group Panasonic said.

The new software comes from Berlin based enterprise content management specialist Optimal Systems.

In Germany, Panasonic Automotive makes car entertainment systems as well as electronic components for European and Japanese automakers.

The new software will improve workflow in invoice processing departments, which will connect seamlessly with the SAP ERP system the company operates. The aim of the project is to speed up accounting processes and make them more transparent.

"It was especially important to us that we would make available a holistic platform that would let us show processes that are critical to the success of the company," said Stefan Kulcke, Panasonic Automotive's IT director.

Panasonic Automotive is planning to expand the system to other business areas and implement a uniform document management and archiving system.