OpenSynergy can integrate infotainment and driver-assistance functions (Photo: Ford)

Panasonic has acquired German embedded software specialist OpenSynergy, in a bid to strengthen its automotive cockpit portfolio.

The Japanese electronics group said OpenSynergy, which can integrate different in-car software systems, will help it provide a more competitive offering for the next-generation car cockpit.

The acquisition of OpenSynergy is “a great step toward integrating cockpit system and advanced driver assistance systems with a firm eye on autonomous driving in the future,” Hirotoshi Uehara, who heads Panasonic’s automotive infotainment unit, said in a statement.

Panasonic has identified its automotive business as a high-growth area where it wants to market products for comfort, safety and environmental functions.

OpenSynergy will allow the integration of multimedia and driver-support functions, which today make up a car’s cockpit system.  Panasonic said the Germany company’s expertise will let it integrate these two areas from the operating system level.

Mr. Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut, the Co-CEO of OpenSynergy, said his company wants to develop “the next generation of highly integrated vehicle systems, embracing the specific safety and security challenges of the vehicle environment."