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    Automated emergency brakes seen cutting pedestrian injuries


    Volvo offers pedestrian detection with full autonomous braking on the V40 (Photo: Volvo) Emergency braking systems would go a long way toward further reducing pedestrian casualties in traffic accidents, according to a study conducted by the German insurance industry. The study, carried out by the accident research unit (UDV) of ...

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    New Opel Insignia features Magna's forward-collision warning system


    Magna says its Eyeris vision system will help automakers such as Opel meet tougher EU pedestrian-safety rules (Photo: Wikimedia) The new Opel Insignia will be one of the first cars in Europe to have a camera-based forward-collision warning system, supplier Magna International said. Magna said its Eyeris electronic vision system, ...

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    Geneva: Volvo's new V40 features pedestrian airbag


    The new Volvo V40’s pedestrian airbag is a world first (Photo: Volvo) Volvo's new V40 model will feature a new kind of airbag that covers the front of the car in a collision with a pedestrian. The Swedish automaker said the new V40, which will be officially unveiled at the ...

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    Germany's ADAC critical of Volvo's automatic emergency brakes


    Volvo’s pedestrian detection and automatic braking system improves road safety Germany's ADAC said there's a lot of work to be done before automatic emergency braking systems function properly. But the automobile club, which tested Volvo's new Pedestrian Detection and Full Auto Brake system,said that, despite weaknesses, the technology improves safety ...