Image: Perceptive Automata

The latest partner to join the Renovo AWare ecosystem, Perceptive Automata adds its expertise in human behaviour prediction software to the AWare OS for automated vehicles. The young company claims to have developed algorithms “understanding the human mind”, giving vehicles “the ability to anticipate what people might do next”. This is said to facilitate smooth and safe navigation in road environments involving pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.

“We’ve designed a model that can use the whole spectrum of subtle, unconscious insights that we, as humans, use to make incredibly sophisticated judgements about what’s going on in someone else’s head,” CTO and co-founder Sam Anthony wrote in a Medium post. “We take sensor data from vehicles that show interactions with people (pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists). This data is incredibly rich raw material, because every time a person appears and interacts with a vehicle, they’re giving off hundreds of signals that another human could use to understand their awareness and intention — their state of mind.

“We chop up the raw sensor feed into slices, manipulate those slices, and then show the clips to groups of people that answer questions about the depicted [person’s] level of intention and awareness based on what they are seeing (e.g. one of our study respondents might think the pedestrian is waving at the car to go ahead, while another respondent might think the pedestrian is asking the car to stop and let them cross). We repeat this process hundreds of thousands of times, with all sorts of interactions, and then we use that data to train models that interpret the world the way people do.”

Perceptive Automata, which has offices in Somerville, Massachusetts and Sunnyvale, California, is working with global OEMs, suppliers and tech firms to accelerate their bringing ADAS Level 2/3 and Level 4/5 autonomous driving systems to market. CEO and co-founder Sid Misra said in a statement: “We chose to integrate with the AWare OS platform because of Renovo’s focus on deployment at scale and access to the growing number of fleets running AWare. We share Renovo’s vision of an ecosystem where best-in-class technologies seamlessly integrate to enable the safe large-scale deployment of automated mobility solutions that are suitable for the real world.”

-Farah Alkhalisi