The PLM industry is benefiting from strong demand through the IT sector (Photo: wikipedia)

PLM software suppliers in Germany see strong growth continuing despite expectations of an economic slowdown this year.

At a meeting in February of the sendler\circle, an association of PLM service providers in Germany, company representatives said growth in the industry is only held back by a shortage of qualified engineers.

PLM suppliers expect double-digit growth in Germany, which would exceed expectations for the IT industry as a whole. According to BITKOM, the country's IT industry association, software sales and services are set to rise 4.4 pc this year. Worldwide, the industry expecxts growth of 5.8 pc.

Sendler\circle said the PLM industry is benefiting from the same trend that characterizes the IT services sector as a whole. It cited continued strong corporate investment in new software to make processes more efficient and offer better customer service.

Said the PLM industry association: "It's a good sign that companies are apparently investing strongly in product lifecycle management.

Members of sendler\circle are ACATEC, AUCOTEC, Dassault Systèmes, edmPRO, EPLAN, IBM, ICP Solution, PROCAD, PTC, SAP, Siemens PLM Software, TESIS PLMware and xPLM Solution.