Germans don't feel the "Made in Germany" label has suffered long-term damage (Photo: VW)

A large majority of Germans stands by Volkswagen, despite the carmaker's admission that it has purposely manipulated emissions tests with the help of software.

According to a poll of 1,000 Germans by consultants Prophet, 65 pc believes that VW continues to build excellent cars. And 74 pc of those interviewed could imagine buying a Volkswagen in future.

Two-thirds of Germans, moreover, believe that "Dieselgate" will be forgotten soon and that, a year from now, nobody will be talking about manipulated diesel engines, according to Prophet.

Interestingly, 91 pc of Germans polled believe that other carmakers have also engaged in similar practices. Most automotive companies have stated categorically, however, that they haven't manipulated emissions tests.

"The VW brand has built up a lot of credit with people," said Prophet partner Felix Stoeckle. "But because of the current scandal, some of that credit has been used up, just like on the stock exchange."

Stoeckle said most people polled felt that VW's deception has resulted from a an antiquated management culture and mistakes made by managers.

Most Germans felt that VW's manipulations wouldn't have a lasting effect on the international reputation of their country's industrial products. According to the Prophet poll, 60 pc of people interviewed didn't see any long-term damage to the "Made in Germany" label.