Google's wearable computer can be operated through voice commands (Photo: Google)

Car drivers would be interested in using Google's wearable computer - Google Glass - to help control functions in a car, according to a new poll of 1,011 German car buyers.

The survey, conducted by the puls market research agency, found that 45 pc of car buyers could imagine operating connected in-car functions with Google Glass. Half of all Germans would like to own a connected vehicle, one in three has heard of Google Glass and 28 pc are interested in buying the device, according to the poll.

"Given that many people can hardly imagine how Google Glass works, it's surprising how well known the product is and how interested people are in buying and using Google Glass," said Konrad Wessner, who heads puls.

Google's wearable computer uses enhanced reality to help the wearer interact with his environment. The device, which is still in the testing phase, can be operated through voice commands.

The wearable computer could help in dealing with driver distraction, which is widely considered the biggest barrier to bringing new infotainment functions into the car, puls said. In the survey, 18 pc of respondents said their main reservation in operating internet functions in the car is driver distraction.