Lower oil prices have cut prices at the pump as well (Photo: Riau, Indonesia provincial govt)

Lower fuel prices are boosting car use, while drivers are paying less attention to the way they drive, according to a German poll.

"The drop in fuel prices is apparently working like a small stimulus program for car use," said Konrad Wessner, head of the puls research institute, which conducted the study.

A poll of 1,007 German car drivers found that almost 30 pc would use their cars more frequently, while roughly 20 pc said they were less concerned with maintaining a fuel-efficient driving style. Moreover, 17 pc saw lower fuel prices cooling interest in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Oil prices have been falling at an unprecedented rate in 2014 amid weak demand from Europe's sluggish economies and a supply glut fueled in part by growing US oil production.

Benchmark "Brent" crude oil dropped below 60 dlrs a barrel earlier this week from more than 100 dlrs as recently as September and a peak of 147 dlrs in 2008.

The decline has also pushed fuel prices at the pump lower. In Germany, diesel, which earlier this year was sold for 1.40 euros a liter, has dropped below 1.20 euros in recent days.