Porsche is rolling out a new CRM system worldwide in an effort to improve data and customer management.

The new system is based on version 4.0 of SAP’s CRM software. Trillium data-cleansing software from Harte-Hanks also plays a key role in the new system.

The German sportscar maker established a separate division to handle CRM. It built pilot projects in the US and Canada and is now implementing  the new system across international operations.

The system will include roadside-assistance data, information on vehicle configurations, marketing and  warranty data and customer service reports.

The Trillium software will check, correct and qualify customer’s contact information. When something is wrong, the software has the ability to check online in a fraction of a second whether the customer is already in the database or whether an address is correct.

Porsche’s system takes into account national differences. “It would have been very costly for us to use a different data-qualification tool in every country,” said Alexander Habisreitinger, project manager CRM implementation.

The software architecture of the tool also speeds up the processing of data. Through the use of reference tables, the system can make use of indices so it doesn’t have to compare individual records. That saves time

For Porsche, it’s important that data validation procedures are quick and accurate. “So far we are happy,” said Habisreitinger, although he conceded that the project team had underestimated the amount of work needed for the fine-tuning of the software.

The Trillium software can be adjusted in many different ways, but getting it right is often difficult. For example, the software may, depending on its settings, find double entries that are actually different or it may not find doubles when it should.

To fix those kinds of issues, Porsche needed help from the software maker. “We worked closely with Trillium Software here in Germany and in the US,” said Habisreitinger.

He said the system is already proving so popular within the Porsche group that country organizations for whom the software hasn’t been planned yet are eagerly asking for it.