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  • codex plm openness.automotiveIT

    Progress cited in PLM openness


    An industry-wide initiative to create more open IT solutions for product lifecycle management (PLM) software is gaining acceptance, with most system suppliers now on board for the plan. In recent months, more companies have signed a common agreement ”“ the Codex of PLM Openness (CPO - which documents their contribution ...

  • local motors rogers.automotiveIT

    automotiveDAY 2012: IT becoming a competitive differentiator


    Local Motors co-founder Rogers explained a new crowd-sourcing based approach to carmaking (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER -- One thing was clear at the 2012 automotiveDAY conference: IT is quickly becoming one of the major differentiators in the competition between the world's car brands. Until recently, IT was mostly seen ...

  • prostep.automotiveIT

    automotiveDAY: Progress cited on open PLM standards


    Continental’s Hoeflich, BMW’s Probst and ProSTEP’s Vetterman (l-to-r) welcomed progress made on PLM openness (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER -- Automakers and suppliers reported major progress in creating common IT standards to be used in product lifecycle management (PLM). "We now have a common understanding with regard to the issue of ...

  • windchill.automotiveIT

    An overview of automakers' PLM systems


    Automakers want more open PLM systems (source:PTC) Automakers are changing their PLM systems. They are increasingly relying on Dassault's Catia and Siemens' NX for car development. But they are also implementing software from other providers. At the same time, users of PLM software are calling for more open systems. ProSTEP ...