Brigitte Courtehoux is targeting 300 million euros in mobility services revenue by 2021 (Photo: Claus Dick)

HANOVER -- PSA/Peugeot-Citroen is stepping up eff0rts to build a real fourth brand for mobility services, the French carmaker's new mobility services chief, Brigitte Courtehoux, said Thursday.

Next to Peugeot, Citroen and DS branded vehicles, the company last year launched its Free2Move mobility services brand. Courtehoux didn't comment on the expected addition of a fifth brand, once PSA finalizes the planned acquisition of Germany's Opel later this year.
PSA went through a major financial crisis three years ago, Courtehoux said, but a reorganization plan conceived and implemented by CEO Carlos Tavares has restored the company to profitability. As a result, PSA is now better positioned to develop new products and services.
New mobility is important because customer requirements are changing, Courtehoux told the automotiveIT Congress here. "It's not about changing the business model, but our goal is to cater to a customer base that is changing its ways," she said.
Longer term that means, for example, offering predictive car services that take into account the need to travel and traffic density. By 2021, Courtehoux said, PSA wants to offer both high-quality vehicles as well as competitive mobility services. "We want to be the preferred mobility services provider," she said.
Courtehoux's Free2Move business, which offers both business-to-business fleet management as well as consumer services, is still small. In 2016, it had revenue of 3 million euros, but she said the company has set an ambitious goal of 300 million in mobility revenue by 2021. But the question isn't really revenue," Courtehoux said. "Rather, it's about having a connection with the customer."
PSA's mobility services are brand-agnostic, which means its offering can include access to cars built by other brands.
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