Euroforum is organizing a conference on the electric vehicle industry's dependence on raw materials.

The German-language event will take place in Stuttgart May 25 and 26.

Availability of key raw materials is becoming more important as electric vehicles are entering series production. Where and how the industry will obtain materials such as cobalt, lithium and other high-tech raw materials is a growing concern for automakers, suppliers and battery manufacturers.

Germany's National Platform Electromobility said earlier this year: " Raw materials will have an effect on the pricing of the vehicles and will, therefore, play a key role in the market acceptance of the electric vehicle as a whole."

Experts don't foresee major short-term problems in the procurement of key raw materials. But they warn that the monopoly-provider position of some countries could cause difficulties. China, which controls almost all supply of many rare-earth materials, instituted a temporary export halt last year, which triggered an upward spike in prices.

More information on the conference - in German - can be found here