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  • Basel III.automotiveIT

    Germany's BITKOM: Basel III could hurt IT industry


    EU member nations are planning to tighten rules governing bank lending Germany's IT lobby warns that plans for a Europe-wide tightening of credit regulation under the so-called "Basel III" rules will negatively affect many small and medium-sized IT companies. The European Union is currently discussing new rules that would ...

  • delphi MyFi 1

    US expert panel: in-car electronics require more supervision


    A US expert panel says the public needs to be reassured that complex electronic systems in cars will work (Photo: Delphi) The proliferation of in-car electronics raises new safety issues that need to be monitored and addressed, a report by a US expert panel said this week. "The increasing role ...

  • ntsb.automotiveIT

    US transportation chief against ban on all in-car phone use


    The NTSB voted unanimously to recommend a ban on the non-emergency use of portable electronic devices in cars (Photo: NTSB) US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said he doesn't support a call by the country's National Transportation Safety Board to bar drivers from making any phone calls at all while behind ...

  • toyota matrix 2011.automotiveIT

    US govt study finds no unintended acceleration in Toyotas


    Toyota is launching its new Matrix at the Chicago auto show this week A US government commissioned study found no electronic flaws in Toyota vehicles that could have caused unintended acceleration incidents. The study, which was carried out by NASA space agency engineers, concluded that sticking accelerator pedals and a ...

  • Article

    Electric-vehicle noise bill moves to White House for signature


    The US House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday that will require electric vehicles to make a sound while driving. The so-called “Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act” now moves to President Barack Obama for signing. The legislation will provide blind, visually impaired, and other pedestrians greater security when traveling in close proximity ...

  • car theft

    Brazil delays mandatory vehicle tracking until end 2011


    Brazil will implement a high-tech solution to combat growing rates of car theft Brazil has delayed until next year plans that will require all new vehicles to be equipped with GPS-based anti-theft vehicle tracking systems. The country's National Traffic Council (CONTRAN) issued a new resolution November 24 that says all ...

  • routan_RearViewBackupCamera

    US govt proposes mandatory backup cameras for bigger cars


    VW’s Routan van has a rearview camera The US government is proposing mandatory backup cameras for bigger vehicles. The new safety regulation follows the 2007 so-called “Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act,” which resulted from the death of a child that was killed when his father accidentally backed over him ...