GT Nexus will provide a cloud-based supply chain platform to Renault, as the French automaker moves to improve its international spare parts and accessory business.

The US-based business software specialist said Renault has been successfully testing the system's ability to track spare parts exports from France to major markets such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.The carmaker is now ready to roll out the platform to all of its export markets.

GT Nexus said the platform will, in particular, help Renault serve fast growing international markets and should reduce inventory and transportation costs.

Renault said guaranteed availability of spare parts and accessories is crucial to its operations, especially in competitive emerging markets. "The ability to have real-time tracking of customer orders and shipments across our value chain is a key enabler,"said Francesca Gamboni, Renault vice president in charge of aftersales logistics.

Renault sends spare parts to 110 export destinations and 7,000 dealers across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Central Europe, and Asia. It uses road, air, ocean and express parcel carriers to make deliveries of components that are sourced from around 1,700 suppliers.
"The lack of visibility into orders and inventory in transit can add costs and create unnecessary customer service disruptions across our distribution networks," Gamboni said in a press release. She added that all parties involved in the process will get accurate, cloud-based information through the new system.
Renault's pilot program was completed in the third quarter of 2012 and the global rollout of its new platform is now underway.