Renault hopes Chronocam technology will improve autonomous-driving systems (Photo: Renault)

Renault has entered into a strategic partnership with French computer vision specialist Chronocam to get advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) ready for autonomous driving.

Chronocam  develops biologically inspired vision sensors and computer vision technologies for the auto industry. Renault earlier announced it had participated in the Paris-based startup's 15 million dlr round of funding.

Chronocam’s vision technology mimics how the human eye and brain see and interpret information. The company claims its technology can expand conventional vision methods, thereby offering improved automotive applications.

Specifically, Chronocam says its vision technology will help vehicles detect people and obstacles faster; provide a more robust camera system; and lower implementation costs.

The latter fits with Renault's strategy to be one of the first brands to offer a high level of autonomy in mainstream vehicles.

The cooperation with Chronocam, said Renault executive vice president Gaspar Gascon, aims to "bring to Renault customers safer and more affordable ADAS and progressively autonomous driving systems.”