Apple’s new iAd network lets iPhone and iPad users see ads without leaving their apps. Renault targets early technology adopters with its upcoming Twizy city car

Renault is launching an advertising campaign for its Twizy ultra-compact electric car that specifically targets Apple iPhone and iPad users.

The French carmaker is launching a so-called “iAd” because it sees common ground between users of iPhones and iPads and future buyers of its electric city car.

“By launching Twizy’s mobile marketing with iAd, Renault is acknowledging Apple users as being at the forefront of mobility,” the company said in a statement.

Apple’s iAd mobile advertising network lets companies put ads inside the apps iPhone and iPad owners use. They can interact with an ad while continuing to watch a video, play a game or engage in another online activity.

Apple launched iAd in the US in July. It is being rolled out in the UK and France this month and will come to Germany in January.

Renault’s Twizy, a small tandem-style city car, will go on sale in Europe at the end of 2011. It will have a price tag comparable to a three-wheel scooter.

Much like many of Apple’s new mobile products, the Twizy aims to attract early adopters living in metropolitan areas, Renaultsaid.

The carmaker’s iAd can do many things, in addition to promoting Renault's new car. It can, for example let a customer calculate battery recharging capacity in a certain time window or review different Twizy designs.