Renault's Next Two prototype presents a vision of connected driving in 2020 (Photo: Renault)

Renault and its alliance partner Nissan jointly acquired Sylpheo, a French software development company, in a move to speed up connected-car initiatives at the two car brands.

The Renault-Nissan alliance (RNA) plans to launch more than 10 vehicles with autonomous-driving technology in the next four years. The acquisition of Sylpheo aims to expand offerings of connected services that can become feasible as cars evolve.

“Sylpheo’s team of 40 engineers and consultants will bring software development and cloud engineering expertise to the organization," Ogi Redzic, alliance senior vice president of connected vehicles and mobility services, said in a press release.

He added that Sylpheo's software and cloud engineers will work on next-generation connected cars as well as other advanced technologies.

Redzic, who was appointed in January, leads mobility and connected services development for both the Renault and  Nissan brands. The two companies, which have cross-shareholdings in each other, are increasingly combining R&D and IT functions.

Under the umbrellla of the Renault-Nissan alliance, the two brands are hiring 300 technology experts to help realize their new-mobility plans.