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HP will provide a range of telematics services that will help Renault improve its EV offering (Photo: HP)

Renault has selected HP to help develop telematics services for its growing electric vehicle range.

The US based IT group said the French carmaker had chosen HP to host its European IT infrastructure and manage its technical applications.

HP is providing a pay-as-you go financial model that will allow for frequent adjustment in the service level provided. It will help reduce Renault's capital investment and make it easier for the carmaker to predict costs.

Renault selected HP Enterprise Cloud Services ”“ Utility Services, which give the carmaker fast access to HP server, storage, networking, power and cooling technologies.

Renault and its alliance partner, Nissan, are investing heavily in electric vehicles. They are rolling out a broad range of EVs over several years.

The agreement with HP will let Renault further develop EV telematics, which allow drivers to check a car's battery, its charge rate or the location of the nearest charging station.

The growing field of vehicle telematics also provides access to live traffic updates and a range of Cloud-based applications. One of these is pay-as-you-drive insurance, where insurance rates are set in accordance with actual driving patterns and distances. Such schemes require detailed logging of a car or driver's activities.

Gerald Karsenti, president of HP France, said HP's services will let it provide "the innovative, integrated, end-to-end solutions that customers like Renault need to more effectively achieve market, cost and environmental objectives."