A senior Chinese Nissan executive doesn't think China is ready for the era of electric motorization, according to a report in The China Daily national newspaper.

Yasuaki Hashimoto, president of Nissan (China) Investment Co Ltd, said the country urgently needs a national infrastructure standard for electric vehicles. On the subject of charging stations, he was quoted as saying: "It would be a disaster for our customers ifBeijing is using one standard while Shanghai is using another."

Hashimoto said it was hard to predict whether Nissan would sell "one or up to 100,000" electric vehicles in China. The Japanese carmaker will start selling its Leaf electric vehicle in China from 2011.

According to the China Daily, the country's national electricity company plans to build 75 charging stations and 6,209 charging pillars in 27 cities by year-end 2010. But a proposed national charging standard is still being reviewed.

China wants to build 1 million electric vehicles by 2015.