Gardening on wheels is part of the Oasis concept (Photo: Rinspeed)

Rinspeed will show an urban electric vehicle that aims to be "something new in the automotive wasteland of uniformity."

The Swiss design studio, headed by founder Frank Rinderknecht, unveiled a two-seat electric concept car Thursday that will be presented to the general public in January at the CES consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas.

The car, which is named "Oasis," has large glazed areas and an interior that conveys a living-room ambiance. The windshield serves as a screen for virtual and augmented reality.

The Oasis is designed to handle the requirements that come with new forms of personal mobility. Different operators could use the car for commuting, shopping, parcel deliveries or other purposes.

To do justice to the Oasis concept, Rinspeed has integrated a small green space for growing flowers or herbs below the windshield. "Urban gardening on wheels," is what the company calls the idea.