With the growing importance of automotive electronics, semiconductor content in the car is set to rise 15 pc in 2011, according to IC Insights.

The Arizona-based research firm predicts that average semiconductor content per car is going up to 350 dlrs this year from 305 dlrs in 2010. By 2014, the researchers expect that content to be worth 425 dlrs per vehicle.

"In 2011, the trickle-down effect of technology in automobiles is having a greater inmapct than originally anticipated," IC Insights said in a research bulletin. It noted that the spread of electronics in the car is fueled by the spread of sophisticated systems from premium cars to mid-range and lower-priced automobiles.

In coming years, the growth of semiconductor content in cars will be driven by the convergence of communications and entertainment features, safety and telematics and green initiatives, IC Insight said. It also cited tire-pressure monitoring systems, electronic stability control and rear-facing cameras as growth areas for automotive semiconductors.