French niche sports carmaker Exagon Engineering used Siemens’ NX and Teamcenter software in the development of its all-electric luxury car, the Furtive-eGT.

Siemens said Exagon used NX integrated computer-aided design , manufacturing and engineering analysis software from the Siemens PLM Software division for all digital 3D product development work on the car.

All product data were managed, disseminated and controlled using Siemens’ Teamcenter digital lifecycle management software.

Luc Marchetti, Exagon founder and chairman, said the software helped realize his goal of creating “an all-electric luxury car that meets the same standards as a gas-powered vehicle.”

Exagon, founded in 2004, designs, builds and markets racecars.

The Furtive-eGT is an all-electric 4500mm long luxury sports car that seats four, accelerates from 0 to 100km in 3.6 seconds and has a top speed of 287km/hour. Except for wind noise, the car is silent.

The Furtive-eGT is powered by two Siemens Corporate Technology electric motors, each with 125 kW output. It uses lithium-ion batteries made by battery specialist Saft that provide electric-only autonomy of between 194km and 406km, depending on average speed. With optional range extender, the car can travel more than 800km before a recharge is needed.