Siemens IT Solutions and Services, together with software and database specialist Oracle, has developed a testing and development environment as a cloud service. Customers will be able to choose exactly the services they require.

While Oracle will provide the software and tools, Siemens IT Solutions and Services has built the overall application. The company will also provide all cloud services that are part of the offering.

Siemens showed a pilot version of the service at the Oracle Open World in San Francisco Sept 19.

Siemens and Oracle will make available a “Test and Development Cloud” from the start, so clients will immediately have access to tailormade services and solutions. Software developers will be able to use a web-based self-service portal to select and combine the tools they need for specific projects.

Payments willbe based on the exact use of the various services. The development environment for the corporate cloud will be available around the clock.

By Arjen Bongard