Red Bull Formula 1 car

Red Bull developed and built its Formula One winning race car using a Siemens PLM software platform

Sebastian Vettel’s world championship in Formula One undoubtedly reflected the Red Bull driver’s superior racing skills.

But the effort was underpinned by the Siemens product lifecycle management (PLM) software Red Bull used to develop and build its world champion Formula One car.

The software forms the digital electronic backbone of the manufacturing process, Siemens said in a press release. It develops new components for the racecar in microseconds. These are then produced through the click of a mouse and can then be built into the car. The system speeds up development and improves lap times.

”žSiemens PLM software plays an important role within the company,” said Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing team principal.“You shouldn’t underestimate the contribution it makes to the interplay between development and production.”

Separately, Siemens said it will continue to make large investments in PLM related products. “We intend to keep the investments in our PLM activities on a high level, in order to further develop our entire industrial software portfolio for product development, simulation and production,” said Siegfried Russwurm, CEO of Siemens’ industry sector.

With regard to the Red Bull FormulaOne cooperation, Siemens noted there are few industry segments where products need to be developed and built as quickly as in Formula One racing. And nowhere can minimal construction changes impact driving characteristics as strongly as in the top league of car racing.

Around 100 Red Bull engineers are working with Siemens software on a daily basis, merely to make the Red Bull cars piloted by Vettel and his teammate Mark Webber just a tiny bit faster from one race to the next.

Using computer simulation, the engineers develop the entire racecar, design new components, put all 4,000 components together and do a full test of the car.

When they are satisfied, one mouse click suffices to actually produce the new parts. All is done within the IT system.

That saves time and money. Red Bull Racing says it has reduced design and build time by 75 pc, saving significant costs in the process.

The engineers also use computer simulation to adapt the racecar to the characteristics of each new racetrack. For that purpose all developers and engineers have continuous access to all data they need, both at headquarters and on the track.