Siemens operates cloud competence centers, combining all its cloud activities (Photo: Siemens)

Siemens will build a cloud platform for data-based services, working with business software maker SAP to create a new product for industrial companies.

"The establishment of the new cloud platform will make a significant contribution to driving forward the digitalisation of automation," Siemens Managing Board Member Klaus Helmrich said in a press release.

The German technology group said its platform, will will use SAP's HANA cloud-based system, will be open for customers and developers to build and run their own apps in the cloud.

Data analytics is one of the opportunities the platform will provide, Siemens said, adding that such analytics could, for example, optimise the operation of machinery fleets.

Industrial companies could also deploy so-called "asset analytics" to increase the availability of machines, production lines or entire systems.

Siemens wants to create an open IT ecosystem to grow its plant cloud services operations.