The global IT community expects a growing range of data and applications to move to the Cloud sooner rather than later.

But, according to a German university study, the migration to the Cloud is moving more slowly than many have predicted.

Researchers at the SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin, in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, interviewed 255 IT decision makers in Germany and found that many are still undecided on their Cloud strategy.

The study found that 15 pc to 20 pc of companies polled are already using the Cloud, but 65 pc are merely weighing their options. The latter haven’t yet decided which service provider to use.

Key Cloud-based services already in use are mostly in the sales and marketing area. Further implementations are hindered by questions or data security and system integration, the researchers found.

The study concluded that technical and organizational complexity is also holding back a decision at many companies.

A copy of the whitepaper can be downloaded as a PDF here: Cloud Computing_Survey_2011 SRH

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