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Partnerships providing new battery-recharging models are on the rise

Automakers need to step up their efforts to find cooperation partners if they want to successfully sell electric vehicles, according to Oliver Wyman.

"Lone fighters don't stand a chance," the Germany-based consultants warned in a new study on the marketing of electric vehicles.

Oliver Wyman said that the electrification of the automobile means that industries are coming together and new competitors are entering the traditional car market. That means there is a need for new marketing concepts.

"Cooperations with very different partners are essential. These can range from utilities to startup companies in areas such as mobility management and recharging," Oliver Wyman said.

The consultants warned that technology and production are no longer the key issues when it comes to selling electric vehicles. A marketing concept will be equally important.

Oliver Wyman said that, contrary to auto-industry practice to date, electric vehicles will have to be sold as part of a mobility solution targeted at specific customer bases.

"That will require a targeted, intensive partnership approach with players from different industries and, thus, a permanent change in the marketing model," the consultants said.

Oliver Wyman said the industry is already cooperating more than before, especially in the area of battery recharging.

The consultants urged automakers to make sure they play the lead role in any EV partnership they enter into. Said Oliver Wyman partner Matthias Bentenrieder: "You can only be one of the winners if you maintain the connection with the customer."