Robert Half sees high demand for IT security experts (Photo: Symantec)

CIOs and CTOs in Germany see IT as key for their companies' growth plans, according to a new study.

In a survey of 200 corporate IT and technology executives, IT recruitment specialist Robert Half Technology found that 91 pc believe IT is "important" or even "very important" in companies' efforts to stay competitive in an increasingly digital environment.

Almost half of the executives polled felt that IT is particularly called upon to improve the efficiency of processes and the functioning of staff. And 41 pc said they saw IT as decisive in improving customer transactions.

CIOs and CTOs attributed less importance to the role of IT in making available data required for business analysis. And most didn't see IT as a major factor in the improvement of customer communications.

Robert Half asked the executives what, in their views, were the decisive IT factors when it comes to realizing corporate growth plans.

"CIOs and CTOs invest in projects that support the corporate strategy," said Robert Half Technology Vice President Martin Schramm. He cited mobile solutions, virtualization and supplier management as focus areas.

Executives polled said that IT security is expected to be one of the most important factors in companies' performance in the next five years. Cloud technologies, mobile solutions and social media projects were the next most important project areas.

Schramm said, in a press statement, that the emphasis on IT security has led to high demand for experts in this area. And he added that IT managers are finding it most difficult to find experts with the required skills. Said the Robert Half vice president: "We're registering a growing demand for IT professionals who can systematically secure the technology infrastructure of companies."