Study finds that German companies aren't yet ready for digital era (Photo: E&Y)

Senior German managers are highly confident that they have the digital skills to adapt their companies to a new era of digitized business processes. But many of their staff have a different opinion.

According to a poll conducted by digital change consultants Doubleyuu, 44 pc of managers rate their digital competency as "very high." But only 15 pc of IT, marketing and human-resources staff had the same opinion.

The different assessments were also clear when looking at digital change in work processes, which 30 pc of managers and 20 pc of staff assessed positively.

"The results show terribly clearly how far German companies are still removed from a connected, open, participatory and agile company culture," Doubleyuu said in a blog entry.

The study, which was conducted jointly with communications agency neuwaerts, cited "massive corporate deficits" in the areas of strategy, products, connectivity, internal communications and digital competency.