Google is the most interesting employer for German IT graduates (Photo: Google)

BMW, Audi, Daimler and Porsche are the the car companies that IT graduates would most like to work for, according to a new survey.

But the trendence Graduate Barometer 2017 found that Google tops all other companies as the most attractive potential employer. The internet group continued in first place in the rankings, followed by Microsoft in second position and BMW third.

Fourth was business software maker SAP and Apple came in 5th.

Trendence managing director Holger Koch said that Google was one of the few companies with a stable - number one - position in the rankings. "The career plans of young IT specialists are very much in flux," he said in a statement. "Job seekers no longer rely on traditional employers, but are reorienting themselves and are also discovering new employers."

Trendence said Google's popularity resulted in one-fourth of all IT graduates saying they would prefer a job there. That's almost 2.5 times as many applicants as those interested in jobs at Microsoft and BMW.

IT service providers were, as an industry, the most popular sector, followed by the car sector. Daimler, Porsche and supplier Robert Bosch posted significant gains in the rankings.

The trendence Graduate Barometer 2017 polled 52.000 students in Germany.