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  • bt.automotiveIT

    Study quantifies effect of smarter mobility on CO2 emissions


    (Photo: TNO) Smarter mobility will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 56 megatons by 2025, an amount equivalent to half the annual emissions generated by transport in the UK. That is one of the conclusions from a study conducted jointly by telecommunications group BT and market researchers Frost & ...

  • vw.automotiveIT

    Volkswagen CEO: Europe should lead in new mobility


    VW's Mueller talks to reporters at the Detroit auto show (Photo: VW) Europe should take the lead in developing new mobility and "not leave the playing field to Silicon Valley," Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Mueller said. In a speech at the New Year's reception of the European auto industry ...

  • bmw.automotiveIT

    BMW plans more plug-in hybrids for its core model range


    BMW has developed a plug-in hybrid powertrain that can be used across its model range (Photo: BMW) BMW plans to roll out plug-in hybrid versions of all BMW models in the long term. The premium car maker is unveiling a plug-in hybrid 3 Series prototype as well as a ...

  • Volkswagen inaugurates solar park in the USA

    VW reaffirms commitment to "clean factories"


    Volkswagen Group reaffirmed its commitment to building fuel-efficient cars in sustainable factories as the German automaker celebrated the second anniversary of its "Think Blue. Factory" program. In early 2013, VW inaugurated a large solar park for its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee (Photo: VW) VW's mission is "to deliver clean ...

  • vw chattanooga.automotiveIT

    VW inaugurates solar park in Chattanooga


    The Chattanooga facility is the largest of VW's solar parks (Photo: VW) Volkswagen has inaugurated its largest solar park worldwide at its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The German carmaker said the solar park has a peak output of 9.5 megawatts and will generate power to build the US version ...

  • audi computer center.automotiveIT

    Survey: Green IT on the rise in Europe


    Audi’s new Ingolstadt computer center, which opens this summer, boasts lower CO2 emissions (Photo: Audi) Green IT is on the rise, according to a survey conducted by German IT consultants Devoteam. The survey, which included responses from 270 companies in 22 European countries, found that 78 pc of those polled ...

  • vw chattanooga.automotiveIT

    VW sets target for sustainable production


    VW has installed energy-saving lights at its new Chattanooga plant in the US (photo: VW) Volkswagen wants to improve the sustainability of its car plants by 25 pc between 2010 and 2018. The German carmaker said it will conserve energy, cut down on waste volumes, lower CO2 and other emissions ...

  • car2go amsterdam.jpg.automotiveIT

    car2go heads for Amsterdam with 300 electric-drive smart fortwos


    Amsterdam is next for car2go after Ulm, Austin and Hamburg Daimler will move its car2go car-sharing program to Amsterdam this year, using electrically driven smart fortwo cars. The German premium carmaker said the move would allow it to combine two of its newest ventures: the car2go program and its electric-vehicle ...