T-Systems says zero-outage should become an industry standard (Photo: Telekom)

T-Systems wants to turn its "zero-outage" goal into an industry standard, citing the need to make sure IT can be relied upon to help in the digital transformation.

"All industries are getting ready for a digital future, but providing quality assurance for the required technical infrastructure isn't obvious," T-Systems Managing Director Ferri Abolhassan said.

The IT service provider said companies are increasingly cooperating across traditional industry borders, which means a sharp increase in the points of contact they have. Said Abolhassan: "That can only work when there's a common quality standard and not everyone cooks their own soup."

T-Systems introduced its zero-outage goal five years ago to help customers avoid systemic failures. To achieve the goal of an industry standard, the company now plans to form an association of partners that will define reaction times in the case of faults; establish minimum qualifications for staff; and set a minum standard for security.

Abolhassan, in an address to the Zero Outage conference the company organized in Berlin, said T-System is working with 10 partners. Said the CEO: "The group is a who's who of all parts of the value chain."