T-Systems will provide a range of Cloud-based IT services to Magna, as part of the Canadian supplier group's effort to modernize and upgrade its global information and communication technology.

T-Systems, a subsidiary of Germany's Deutsche Telekom, said it is providing Magna with a Cloud infrastructure that allows the supplier to connect its worldwide locations to its networks quickly and seamlessly.

Alexander Stamm, head of IT for Magna's interiors and exteriors division, said the addition of new locations is part of its daily life. "We can now fully connect a new location to all our users and systems in just a few weeks," he said.

Stamm added that more flexible IT systems are also lowering the company's monthly SAP costs.

From its control center in Vienna, T-Systems manages 80 locations for Magna's interiors and exteriors division.The German IT infrastructure specialist simplified and reduced the many different systems and SAP environments used throughout Magna's operations. In the process, it also consolidated many different database combinations and service level agreements.

In future, T-Systems expects to play a role in Magna's plans to cater to new mobility programs. Said Ulrich Meister, head of systems integration at T-Systems: "In the area of connected car we will have even more in common and more possibilities for synergies."

Magna is one of the world's largest automotive suppliers.