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    For networked plants, IT security is key


    Industry 4.0 holds out the promise of smarter manufacturing, but with increased connectivity between plants and machinery, the risk of cyber attacks rises. That’s a major problem for companies trying to transform their manufacturing operations to take advantage of the new technologies. Germany’s Deutsche Telekom polled IT and business decision ...

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    Deutsche Telekom, Cisco, Intel to help IoT startups


    The internet of things means that, by 2020, 50 billion devices are likely to be connected (Photo: Beecham Research) Deutsche Telekom, Intel and Cisco have launched a joint program to help startup companies develop internet-of-things projects. The three IT groups said, in a joint press release, that they will ...

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    T-Systems projects 1 billion euros cloud revenue by 2015


    Like most IT service providers, T-Systems is selling more cloud services (Photo: Telekom) T-Systems expects to generate about 1 billion euros in annual revenue from cloud-based services by 2015, up 2.5 times from last year. The expected sales represent about one-seventh of total revenue at the business services division ...

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    Deutsche Telekom plans to buy MetroPCS


    Deutsche Telekom said it is acquiring MetroPCS, a US telecommunications company, and will combine Metro's activities with those of its US subsidiary, T-Mobile USA. The move comes less than a year after US regulators vetoed a planned 39 billion dlr acquisition of T-Mobile USA by AT&T. Deutsche Telekom, Germany's biggest ...

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    T-Systems to offer new VMware Cloud solution


    Like most IT service providers, T-Systems wants to offer more Cloud services (Photo: Telekom) Germany's T-Systems and VMware are joining forces to provide customers with an easier and faster way to access Cloud-based services. T-Systems, the business services division of German telecommunications group Deutsche Telekom, will offer a new VMware ...

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    Deutsche Telekom CIO Roehn said to depart


    Roehn is rumore to leave in a major internal reorganization (Photo: Telekom) Deutsche Telekom CIO Steffen Roehn will be leaving the German telecommunications group as part of a major reorganization, according to several press reports. Deutsche Telekom declined to comment on the reports. According to Bloomberg and several other print ...

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    Deutsche Telekom ready for eCall


    eCall emergency calls need to reach call centers without delay (Photo: EU, ADAC) Deutsche Telekom is ready for eCall, executives of the German telecommunications group say. ECall, an automatic in-car emergency calling system, is likely to become mandatory on new cars in Europe by 2015. The EU Commission has stepped ...