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The Renault Fluence ZE EV will be connected by Telenor Connexion (Photo: Renault)

Renault will use Telenor Connexion to provide connectivity for a range of electric and traditional models in Europe.

The French carmaker plans to roll out several electric vehicles, including the Kangoo ZE and Fluence ZE, which will be connected to a global data center operated by Renault. Telenor will also connect the traditionally powered Kangoo and Master in Europe.

Telenor, a Scandinavian provider of machine-to-machine connectivity, will provide Renault with a dedicated solution that uses a private network to connect the cars to a data center. This will make available a range of services and information to Renault customers.

Telenor will use cellular mobile networks in Europe, including Russia and Turkey. Units on board of Renault cars will use embedded SIM technology from Telenor Connexion partner Sierra Wireless.

Renault EV owners will be able to check battery status of their cars by phone or computer and will be able to find charging locations. In addition, telematics will provide optional services such as remote diagnostics, fleet asset management, road assistance, insurance telematics, and more such services in the future.

Renault IT purchasing manager Claude Deulniau said Telenor's system provides global coverage and a dedicated service portal to make it easier to manage the connectivity.

Said Deulniau: "Telenor Connexion truly supports innovation in M2M and is the first mobile operator able to provide a reliable and secure connectivity solution with an embedded SIM solution for mass deployment in the automotive market."