US based Teletrac released a new version of its Fleet Director telematics software, which helps fleet managers track and monitor drivers of their vehicles.

Fleet Director 8.2 incorporates new at-a-glance dashboards and safety scorecards to help monitor driving behaviour and drivers’ safety performance. It also includes a new “community” area where users can access online news, advice, support and forums.

Drew Hamilton, Teletrac executive vice president, said in a statement the new software will help to better control costs and improve fleet safety.

“Safety is no longer just a cost center and compliance issue,” he said. “For many fleets, it’s now a strategic business priority to help trim costs and boost efficiency.”

Teletrac, based in Garden Grove, California, supplies intelligent GPS-based driving solutions, including fleet and vehicle tracking devices, fleet location, monitoring and messaging. More information can be found on the company's Web site at

GPS Tracking Devices & GPS Systems

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In addition to the vehicle GPS tracking solutions of Fleet Director, Teletrac also offers integrated real-time messaging, turn-by-turn GPS navigation and advanced interactive color displays. Teletrac’s GPS systems provide your company with better visibility and control, enhanced safety and efficiency, and will improve service and cut costs allowing you to provide the best service possible to your customers.

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