Teradata says integrated marketing management is emerging as one of the largest areas of investment for companies

Teradata said it has completed its acquisition of Aprimo, a maker of Cloud-based integrated marketing software.

The US-based data warehousing and enterprise analytics company said the move will help it “drive the future of integrated marketing, enabling corporations to optimize marketing performance with more detailed, comprehensive insights from a universe exploding with big data.”

Integrated marketing management is growing in importance to companies and Teradata hopes to provide suites of services that let them better manage and interpret soaring volumes of data.

The company said consumers are adopting new digital channels and information sources to connect, converse and shop. “The integration of global social media insight and unstructured data with detailed information collected from customer touch points transforms the enterprise data warehouse gold mine into an analytic diamond mine,” Teradata said.

And it added that its own software, coupled with Aprimo’s Integrated Marketing Management products, will provide marketers new insights and abilities.

“To achieve profitable and sustainable growth, companies need better analytical insight,” said Darryl McDonald, Teradata executive vice president, applications, business development, and the company’s chief marketing officer. “Together, Teradata and Aprimo will help them find areas to reduce costs, optimize performance and gain the insight and agility needed to close the gap between strategy and execution,”