Tesla isembarking on North American and European tours to show its new Model S, which it claims is "the world's first sedan built from the ground up as an electric vehicle."

The electric sports car maker will provide potential buyers with a detailed look at the engine, battery pack, front suspension and rear drive unit of the new model.

The California-based EV specialist will provide interactive touchscreens to educate visitors to its North American showrooms during the tour. It will also have virtual design studios there, so buyers can customize the Model S.

"You'll never see a 'Don't Touch' sign in a Tesla store. We want everyone -- from kindergartners to grandparents -- to come in and see for themselves why driving electric is the future," said George Blankenship, Tesla's vice president sales and ownership experience.

Tesla wants to use the tour to demonstrate the advantages of its EV architecture. The Model S will have a particularly flat lithium-ion battery that improves rigidity and handling. The absence of an internal combustion engine also makes the car stronger and safer, Tesla says.

North American and European dates and venues for Tesla's Model S tour can be found at www.teslamotors.com/events.