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A shortage of hard disks is not expected to increase computer prices (Photo: Samsung)

Flooding in Thailand and resulting plant closures in the country have led to massive price increases for computer hard disks.

According to BITKOM, Germany's high-tech industry association, hard disk prices have risen 80 pc since September alone. BITKOM looked at the prices of 300 hard disks sold in German online shops between September 2 and Nov 9.

Thailand produces more than a third of the world's newcomputer hard disks and the country hosts numerous supplier companies that provide components to hard disk producers elsewhere.

The floods in Thailand have forced many factories to halt production. Roads are also under water.

Industry analysts expect that in the fourth quarter of this year Thai hard disk makers will produce 25 pc fewer disks than in previous quarters.

"The hard disk supply situation continues to be tense," said Bitkom managing director Bernhard Rohleder. He added in a press release that hard disk makers are working hard to restart production or increase output at plants outside the stricken areas.

Despite the lower output, BITKOM does not expect computer prices to increase. It cites strong competition in the sector as the key factor in driving down prices.

Germany's official statistics office said prices for computer notebooks dropped 21 pc in October from year-earlier levels.