TomTom wants to broaden its product offering to include autonomous-driving related systems (Photo: TomTom)

TomTom has acquired a Berlin-based autonomous-driving startup in a bid to strengthen its business in one of the fastest-growing areas of automotive technology.

Four-year-old Autonomos provides R&D services for automated vehicle assistance systems. It has built a full demonstration-level autonomous driving software stack, 3D sensor technology, and digital image processing.

TomTom said the systems will help it grow its core business, which includes high-definition maps, localization products and navigation and traffic services.

"This is an important development for TomTom as it will help us to continue to strengthen our capabilities for the future of driving," TomTom CEO Harold Goddijn said in a press statement.

TomTom said at the CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas earlier this month that it is generating strong automaker interest in its digital maps, which cars can use to develop their autonomous driving technologies.

TomTom’s HD Map provides a 3D picture of a road network. The company's RoadDNA technology then offers information from the side of the road. Combined with information from a car's own sensors, the systems can provide the kind of precise localization needed by tomorrow's autonomous vehicles, TomTom said.