TomTom's Webfleet dashboard lets fleet managers monitor a wide range of data (Photo: TomTom)

A UK-based Toshiba division has improved its fleet fuel efficiency by 27 percent using a TomTom telematics solution, the Amsterdam-based navigation specialist said in a press release.

TomTom said Toshiba’s TEC European retail and sales and service support division increased fuel efficiency across its UK fleet by using TomTom's Webfleet system. The technology monitors employees' driving behavior and compares the fuel performance of 25 new hybrid cars in its fleet with the mileage realized by its range of older vehicles.

Jonathan Barber, retail service director at Toshiba's European Retail Information Systems unit, said he was pleased with the increased fuel efficiency. But he added in a press statement that "we hope to improve further with time."

Toshiba integrated the TomTom software with its Tesseract job scheduling system. This lets the company send data immediately and seamlessly from the office to transport teams in the field.

Toshiba is a global, Japan-based electronics and engineering group.