TomTom data will power the Uber app (Photo: Uber)

TomTom will provide maps and traffic data to Uber, confirming that the Dutch mapping specialist will remain the biggest competitor to soon-to-be-German owned Nokia HERE.

TomTom said it has signed a global, multi-year agreement with  Uber, a fast-growing global taxi services provider that has developed an app that quickly brings drivers and customers together.

Charles Cautley, managing director maps & licensing at TomTom, in a press statement, focused on his company's neutrality in the battle for market share in maps and traffic data. "TomTom is a truly independent map provider with the platform for the future," he said.

TomTom officials have predicted that the Dutch company has new commercial opportunities, because competitor HERE, which is a dominant presence in automotive navigation systems, is no longer independent. HERE is being sold to Audi, BMW and Daimler.

TomTom CEO Harold Goddijn said Uber had chosen his company because it wanted "total control" over its own products, according to a Reuters report. "What they (Uber) get from us is total control of their application," Goddijn was quoted as saying.