Toyota placed higher than Mercedes and BMW on the Top 100 (Photo: Toyota)

Toyota is the highest ranking automaker on Interbrand's annual list of the Top 100 global brands, besting Mercedes-Benz and BMW, which came second and third, respectively.

The brand consultancy named Apple, Google and Coca-Cola the three most valuable brands overall this year. Apple and Google were in the top positions for the fourth consecutive year.

Automotive and technology companies dominated the rankings with a combined 29 positions on the Top 100 list.  Toyota stood in position 5, Mercedes 9, BMW 11 and Honda stood at 21.

Among technology companies in the Top 10, Microsoft was fourth most valuable brand, IBM sixth, and Samsung seventh.

Interbrand's top 100 had a combined total value of 1.796 trillion dlrs, up 4 pc from 2015. Apple's brand value was up 5 pc to 178 billion dlrs, while Google rose 11 pc to 133 billion dlrs.

Interbrand's rankings are based on three components that contribute to a brand's total value:

  • Financial performance of branded products and services
  • The role of the brand in influencing customer choice
  • The brand's ability to command a premium price of secure earnings.
Details of the listings can be found on the Interbrand web site at: