toyota.automotiveITToyota Motor plans to build a software platform that aims to ease cooperation between the carmaker and its new-mobility partners as they strive to deliver new products.

The Mobility Services Platform (MSPF) will bring together a range of business functions Toyota has developed. Through the platform, partners will have access to these functions, which include vehicle management systems and leasing programs.

The new platform will use insights gained from the Toyota Smart Center, which links homes, vehicles, electric power companies and users to enable integrated control of energy consumption.

And the carmaker hopes to benefit from its dedicated big-data center, launched at the beginning of 2016.

As part of its efforts to speed up new-mobility offerings, Toyota also said it has developed a so-called Smart Key Box (SKB), which will let users of car-sharing services lock and unlock doors and start engines with their smartphones. The box, which doesn't require any vehicle modifications, should enhance car-sharing services, Toyota said.

To test the new platform and the SKB, Toyota has teamed up with car-sharing company Getaround to conduct a live test in San Francisco in January.