Toyota says big data will provide enhanced navigation information (Photo: Toyota)

Toyota is planning to launch a new traffic information service in Japan that will make extensive use of big data on vehicle locations and speeds, road conditions and other telematics-based information.

The Japanese carmaker said it plans to make data available to local governments and businesses to help improve traffic flows and provide mapping information. At the same time, it plans to upgrade its existing smart G-Book telematics service for smartphones so that private users will have access to its Big Data Traffic Information Service. G-Book is a Toyota telematics service that allows users to connect smartphones and other devices to the in-car services.

The 700,000 connected Toyota vehicles on Japanese roads provide data that will be available on in-car systems as well as on smartphones. It is the f irst time the information will be available outside of Toyota navigation systems.

Toyota says its new service, which will initially be available in Japan only, will provide better navigation information, including more guidance for emergency situations.