toyota fun-Vii tokyo 2011

The Fun-Vii concept car, which will be shown at the Tokyo auto show, is Toyota’s version of the fully connected car (Photo: Toyota)

Toyota has developed a concept car that provides a futuristic vision of how people, cars and society can be linked.

The Japanese carmaker will unveil its concept, which is called the Fun-Vii, at the Tokyo auto. The theme of the show, which opens later this week, is "Mobility can change the world."

The Fun-Vii will offer the ability to alter the content displayed on the interior and exterior of the car. Toyota said the car's entire body can be used as a display space.

"This allows the entire vehicle to function as a terminal for displaying messages or other information," it said in a press release.

The interior of the car can be equally adapted. Navigation and other information can be blended seamlessly into the interior with the help of augmented reality.

The Fun-Vii will have a network update function that makes sure the software versions for the vehicle's drive, control and multimedia system are always up-to-date. The concept car can also link with other cars and with the infrastructure around it.

A portion of the vehicle's functions can be accessed remotely via a smartphone or other mobile communication device.

The Fun-Vii is 4,020mm long, 1,745mm wide and 1,415mm high. It has a 2,750mm wheelbase and seats three.