TRW says its display makes controlling vehicle functions faster and easier (Photo: TRW)

TRW is developing a new type of display that will make it easier to control in-car and other functions at the touch of a fingertip.

The US based automotive supplier said its multi-graphic projection display will transform traditional control systems. It will likely be ready for production this year.

"Just as today's remarkable smart phones offer consumers the opportunity to quickly switch from one type of control function to another, TRW is using multi-graphic rear projection display and capacitive touch sensing to allow vehicle owners to control a variety of vehicle functions quickly and easily," said Vic Peltola, director of sales for TRW North America Body Control Systems.

TRW said its new display is a low-cost solution that allows different symbols to appear on a surface in the same physical space at different times. The display does not require an expensive graphics processor, the company said.

Applications could include keypad entry systems that allow a vehicle owner access to a vehicle through a security code. With the TRW display, the keypad can instantly offer thechoice to control other functions such as trunk access, interior lights, power windows and more. Symbols for these various functions automatically appear when a user touches the control panel surface.