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Hoeft & Wessel’s Almex is a major provider of ticket machines for buses (Photo: Hoeft & Wessel)

UK bus operator FirstGroup plans to buy more electronic ticket machines from Germany's Hoeft & Wessel.

The order is part of First’s new e-ticketing system for its English bus fleet, Hoeft & Wessel said in a press release.

First placed an initial order for 4,000 ETMs that will be closely integrated in its IT system. First is planning to order a further 1,500 machines, Hoeft & Wessel said.

In addition, the contract between the two companies includes the development of a contactless credit car option for the ETMs.

Hoeft & Wessel said deliveries are to start immediately.

First is the UK’s largest bus operator with 5,000 buses outside of London. Earlier, it bought ETMs from the Almex division of Hoeft & Wessel for its regional operation utilities in Wales and Scotland.

The Hoeft & Wessel Group sells IT solutions for ticketing, parking and mobile applications in Germany and the UK.