Germany's industry federation, the VDI, and carmaker Volkswagen are jointly organizing a conference to look at the safety of electronic vehicle systems.The "Automotive Security" conference will take place in Berlin Oct 11 and 12.

Presenters will not only focus on functional security of electronic systems, but will also look at the potential for manipulation, theft and vandalism.

"As cars increasingly get connected to classic IT systems, communicate with other cars and interact with mobile devices, the need increases to shield systems and interfaces from abuse," said Juergen Leohold, head of research at VW.

The conference will also look at scaleability of solutions; the possibility to integrate new mechanisms into existing processes; and legal and social aspects of electronic security in car systems.

The aim of the conference is to have a broad discussion about security issues with experts from science and industry, said Leohold in his introduction to the event. He added that the discussion will propose solutions but will also identify new challenges.

The conference language is German and more information can be found here.